Hi - unfortunately, this is just a fantasy at this point, but I still hope I'm not any kind offers a cassock and perform it for me.... novice, Sister supertangas samanatha urgently supertangas needed to see Father Mark in their rooms... she is very nervous, and I wonder why? It is so unusual that one of the nuns started this way.... When you enter your room, sat behind a desk... with a very stern look on his face. Sister Samantha takes a brief look at the conditions of use of the room has a bed and some furniture scattered there is a door on the side... " Sit down, my son, " said Father Mark. Samantha is very careful with your supertangas knees together and her hands in her lap. "Samantha my son... I have heard stories about you and the concern is whether there is any chance to save his soul. " Mother Superior tells me that when she went to the room last night... He looked, saw it fall in a truly appalling behavior ".. In thSamantha turns red.. knows that as he lay in bed the previous night, her hands and fingers, was, as so often recently, had crept up to her private parts... I did not understand why it felt so good to do, but I knew supertangas I did. " Father, forgive me.. I did not know it was wrong," " I'm sorry Samantha - leave me no other option... this kind of behavior is the work of the devil and hated for this job... I'm really having to eject the monastery ! " Please, please do not do that... I will do what you ask, but please do not shame my family ".. Father Ted is a little compassion... " While driving my son to me... for me to accurately judge how deeply rooted the evil in you, you have to show what it was exactly what he was doing when I saw the Mother Superior "... and go to bed Samantha stood up and lift habit and show me.... Oh, please father... I can do that.. Well, then leave me no other choice but to eject... Samantha goes reluctantly andin bed, lifting the custom supertangas of wool socks and cotton underwear big show... Mark 's father comes and stands next to her and offers to start... Samantha then supertangas provisionally with the eyes closed, she begins to rub his hand over her panties, rubbing gently at first on his lips and then, despite the reduction of the feelings it produces... difficult than starting it became more and more.... Father Mark is there... absent rubbed his penis through his own clothes, and look forward to, like a wet spot appears at the bifurcation of sister Samantha 's panties.... " Stop," he says, "You are much more evil than he had originally thought, and I have to clean up"... with this tells Samantha to go into your bathroom and bathtub.... "My son, to find the right clothes for your state of bitches in the bottom drawer in the bathroom... if you wash, you have to put clothes on the red lipstick... I have left and come back here " s sister Samantha isin the bathroom and into the bathroom, washed with fury in his body... She treaacherous out of the tub and then dry before opening the drawer... Oh my... the drawer is filled with red lace underwear set... puts on a pair of panties and a push-up bra.... French then red and black suspenders and black stockings.... oh she's a bitch... supertangas put lipstick bright red and covered with their habit goes back to the room... Mark 's father has removed his robe and stays in his shirt and pants... and can see a strange lump in his pants... "Get in the habit of a bitch," says the father of Mark... and again in the bed.... It does so by following the instructions.. is the only way you can stay in the monastery.. And lie in bed... "The dog legs open for me," says the father of Mark... and then begins her pussy over her red lace panties supertangas rubbing... to say that she is a whore and a bitch and possessed by the devil... nevertheless, Samantha body betrays them, and begin wet, and the gate is set... more difficult father, Mark rubs her pussy before dropping suddenly a finger into her.. pant makes... she does not know what happens, but your body starts to shake, and supertangas she screams in ecstasy as the feeling that I never had the feeling before than.... " O my son," said Father Marcos.. is worse than I... thought: "Sit at my son"... Samantha sits on the edge of the bed slowly, his father, Mark grabs his pants and tells him that she was his " thing" you have in your mouth to clean his mouth dirty whore... pushing it in the mouth... make your jaw when you grab her head and forces himself on the neck.... " It's not just work for my son - the devil has power over you "... I have to distribute.... Samantha away from him and asks him not to do... Please, do not want to take you to do, but let me stay... Mark 's father tells supertangas him there is only one more thing, do it to save his soul.... Hs orders to kneel on all fours on the bed and remove red lingerie slut... "My son," she says, "bride of Christ and must be clean, so it can not penetrate the vagina to expel the devil - I have to use other means"... this pushes his cock against her ass... feel the pressure from him and tried to pull away... but he grabs her by the hips and keeps them there, as he slowly pushed his ass... Piece by piece... until it is buried in the ass to the hilt.... his cock filling her tight ass virgin.... "She screams in pain, but not stop... it's the only way....... Father Mark then fucks her ass..... it increasingly difficult to pump his cock in and out of ass, while around and rubbed her clitoris with your fingers.. fucking feeling in his nature as his body begins to release himself shudder with her second orgasm... harder and harder he fucks her ass... with his cock almost completely before forcing him again... until finally unloads his semen in the arse, and around her ass cheeks.... "sister Samantha:" I think it may be able to save.... But it will take hard work on my part... Back to my room tomorrow night at the same time, and I will do my best to keep out the devil.... xxxx
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